Machining Center Standard

Standard series CNC milling plotters are modern and economical machines for precise processing of a wide range of materials. They are dedicated to developing entrepreneurs, just entering the CNC industry, but they will be a great complement to the existing machine parks.

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Advanced control with a clear interface meeting the expectations of experienced users

Selected components

Machines are equipped only with the highest quality components, known and recognized on the market, guarantee reliability.


Wide range of machinable materials in a solution dedicated to enterprises with a diversified production profile.

Technical data

Control system Multi-axis real-time interpolator, with active trajectory forecasting, LAN communication, EtherCat, 2ms sampling time, optional RTCP tool end tracking, correction map
Working area X 600 – 2500mm Y 900 – 6100 mm
Gate clearance and Z axis range 100 – 300mm
Drive system Omron servo drives with EtherCat protocol, X, Y, Z helical slats
Linear bearing Trapezoidal rails TBI 20, trolleys
Travel speed Up to 60 m/min
Program resolution Up to 0,0001mm
Positioning accuracy 0,02 mm
Gate drive double-sided master / slave with gate angle correction
Electrospindles 2 kW to 12kW powered by an inverter
tool taper ISO30 or HSK63 ER32
Maximum speed of the electro-spindle 24000 rpm (option 6 000, 40 000, 50 000)
Construction Steel welded, ribbed, stress relieved, precision machined
Equipment options
  • positioning and correction of the material by a camera, laser, measuring probe
  • oscilating knife, roller knife, drag knife, creasign knife, marker pen
  • linear tool magazine up to 72 positions, revolver
  • cooling the tool with mist, chilled air
  • 3D laser or touch scanner
  • positioning bases
  • additional angular / rotary axes
  • chip extraction installation
Table type: T-slot: aluminum profiles, solid aluminum, solid steel; vacuum; hybrid, pneumatic clamping clamps


Ergonomic and universal

Standard series CNC milling plotters are modern and universal machines manufactured in Poland. They are designed for precise processing of a wide range of materials. The construction of the machine tool is made of high-quality welded steel, then stress-relieved and subjected to precise machining in large-format machining centers. The structural elements are ribbed, which ensures high rigidity and resistance to machining resistance. The drives used in each axis allow to achieve high speeds and dynamics of work. Bearings with trapezoidal rails with bogies guarantee precision and reliability.


The steel, welded and ribbed structure is characterized by the highest parameters, ensuring precise processing at high speeds and dynamics of movements. The bed and the running elements are subjected to the process of stress relief and machining on large-format milling centers, which ensures long-term stability and dimensional precision of the machine. Learn more about the construction »


The machine is based on an industrial professional CNC control with a multi-axis real-time interpolator that actively forecasts the trajectory of movements. The EtherCat protocol used with a sampling time of less than 1 ms allows for instant, bi-directional communication with the key components of the machine tool. The integrated CAD / CAM environment allows simple editing directly on the control unit, giving the operator greater flexibility. Connectivity with the LAN network allows you to implement the machine into a machine park managed in the Industry 4.0 concept
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Basic features of the Standard series

  • functional real-time control system
  • dynamic trajectory analysis
  • EtherCat ultrafast bidirectional communication system
  • rigid steel construction
  • selected components
  • intuitive operation
  • remote technical support

Dedicated materials

  • soft and non-ferrous metals: brass, copper, bronze, aluminum,
    composites (dibond, alucobond, etc.)
  • plastics: polycarbonate, PVC, plexiglass, rubber, teflon, polyamides, etc.
  • engraving laminates,
  • solid wood, plywood, chipboards, MDF, OSB,
  • foams, extruded materials, etc.

Equipment options

  • automatic head of the active oscillating knife, disc knife, creaser, pen, etc.
  • video positioning system
  • T-slot table, vacuum, hybrid table
  • scanner
  • positining bases
  • tool cooling in the form of a cooling mist, freezing nozzle or a closed liquid cooling system
  • chip extraction installation
  • probe
  • monitoring of key components

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