Fiber Cut Laser Cutting Machine

Seron FiberCut are machines designed for fast, precise cutting of elements from various types of metal sheets. Fiber optic cutters operate with high accuracy and repeatability, guaranteeing the highest quality of the cut edges

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Instant nesting

Selected components based on a well-thought-out design guarantee instant and immediate sheet metal nesting.

Perfect precision

The FiberCut machine guarantees a stable cutting process without the need for maintenance, replacement of consumables, mirrors or accompanying elements such as turbine pumps.It occupies a much smaller area compared to other solutions.

Low operating costs

Minimum number of consumables and simple maintenance.

Energy saving

Greater efficiency in relation to CO2 sources, resulting in lower electricity consumption by about 70%.

Perfection on all sides

Take a virtual walk around the machine. Grab a 360 ° photo and rotate the visualization to see the elements of interest in detail.

Usage example

Technical data

Control system Bosch Rexroth, real-time interpolator with active
trajectory forecasting, Secros communication protocol, remote access service, touch screen, visual cutting trajectory, built-in macro library, speed control, system operation mode of laser cutting, the ability to transfer files via LAN.
Working area X: 1550, 2050 mm; Y: 3050, 4050, 6050 mm
Speed up to 210 m/min
Powers 1–12 kW
Acceleration up to 2G
Positioning repeatability 0,01 mm
Automatic height adjustment yes
Variable focal length (zoom) autofocus
Table load capacity 265 kg/m2
Equipment options
  • rotatory axis for pipes and profiles
  • sheet warehouse
  • management of remains sheets



Innovative construction

FiberCut are innovative machines designed for fast, precise cutting of metal sheets. Machines in this series operate with excellent precision and repeatability, guaranteeing the highest quality of details and edges, leaving them without the need for further processing.

The construction of the machine is based on a classic monolithic steel body, which is subjected to the process of stress relief and machining from one clamping. The design of this type used by us guarantees the highest precision of the cutter’s operation for many years. The running support of the machine is made of a combination of light metals and composite materials, which in turn allows for high dynamics and working and travel speeds resulting in higher machine efficiency.
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Piercing efficiency

Another innovation of the presented machine is the use of elements that automatically focus the laser beam with ultra-fast sensors. The dynamics of this solution allows to double the time of piercing the material. During the process of piercing the sheets, a laser beam with a larger diameter is needed than at the time of cutting itself. The use of a double, dynamic focusing system allows you to keep the distance between the nozzle blowing the accompanying gas and the material at the working distance. The introduction of such a solution increases the efficiency of blowing the spoil. Meanwhile, the movable lens inside the cutting head actively adjusts the focal length to the currently set process, smoothly switching from the multi-stage pierce mode to the cutting mode.

Thanks to the system used, we are able to significantly shorten the processing time of the sheet. Assuming the number of punctures up to 50, we can gain up to 120 seconds, which gives even 10% savings in relation to the entire process.

Work efficiency

As standard, FiberCut fiber optic cutters are equipped with a table exchange system, which significantly simplifies the exchange and loading of boards and shortens the overall project implementation time, and thus enables maximum optimization of production costs. During loading and unloading by the operator, the machine cuts another sheet, which results in 100% effective use of the machine’s capabilities. The time to change the pallets is only 10 seconds.

Processing versatility

The cutting machines comprehensively prepare the sheets for further production stages, enabling marking of the cut elements, facilitating their identification. This functionality helps to optimize working time by eliminating the need to use special marking tools. In addition, this function is useful when tracing lines that facilitate further plastic processing.


The ergonomic casing of the entire machine has the highest class safety certificate, thanks to which the device works in class 1, which is completely safe for the operator. In addition, it enables safe observation of the work area through built-in windows with a special filter or, optionally, using a monitor.

Industry 4.0

The machine fits perfectly into the concept of modern industry thanks to an intuitive, modern real-time control system with dynamic trajectory analysis and a reliable Ethernet connection, which enables comprehensive management of the machine park. It allows for remote analysis of the machine condition and control of operating parameters in order to obtain the best machining effect. The control is equipped with a number of advanced functions such as sheet autodetection, position angle correction, autonesting, material database or a parameter library available from the operator level. These functionalities affect the high efficiency of the machine, time and material savings. Such an innovative solution will work for entrepreneurs who emphasize innovative management concepts and increasing production efficiency.

Fiber lasers are equipped with dynamic control of the height of the laser head position above the material with an accuracy of 0.005mm and a shielding gas system, which significantly affects the quality and speed of cutting. The CNC control system is intuitive and very user-friendly at the same time.

Energy saving

The undoubted advantage of Fiber laser cutters over CO2 or YAG lasers is the significant simplification of optics, the lack of mirrors transmitting the laser beam (transmitted inside the fiber to the laser head), which allows to minimize transmission losses. Another significant advantage of the Fiber type laser source is its greater efficiency, up to 7 times compared to CO2 laser sources, resulting in lower electricity consumption by about 70%. Thanks to the transmission of the laser beam with a fiber optic cable to the head with practically no losses and the concentration of energy to a high density on a very small diameter, the cutting speed of particularly thin sheets is several times higher than when using a CO2 laser, the consumption of process gases due to the lower heat influence is also much lower . The applied drives also allow the recovery of energy from engine braking and its reuse.

Basic features of FiberCut optic cutter

  • long service life of key components
  • optimized optics minimize transmission losses
  • modern real-time control system, dynamic trajectory analysis, Ethernet
  • energy-saving technology
  • ergonomic protective casing that meets legal requirements
  • monitoring of key components
  • autofocus
  • automatic cooling system, ensuring stable operationpracę
  • any working area
  • remote technical support

Dedicated materials

Fiber laser cutter ensures perfect cutting of:

  • black steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • cooper


The design of the machine enables its significant extension with e.g. a rotator for pipes and profiles, a sheet warehouse, requesting sheet metal remnants, etc.

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