Fiber Compact Laser Marker

It is an innovative device designed for precise and fast marking of a wide range of materials.

The modernity of the product, confirmed by the “Opinion about innovation” by an independent research center, makes it easier to obtain funding from EU funds.

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Speed and precision

Innovative optical solutions guarantee instant realizations in excellent quality.


Functional cover that meets safety standards.

Intuitive opreation

Functional and easy to use controls

Technical data

Working area 110 x 110 mm (option 200 x 200 mm)
Max. item height up to 500 mm
Max. marking speed [mm / s] up to 7000 mm/s
Spot diameter [mm] 0,01 mm
Marking depth [mm] up to 0,5 mm
Max. resolution [dpi] 3000×3000 dpi
Laser power source 20W / 30W / 50W
Chiller source cooled by air
Max. power consumption [W] 1000 W
Supply power [V] 230 V
Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 550x800x820


Precise and fast marking

Fiber laser markers are technologically advanced devices designed for precise and fast marking with the use of a fiber laser.
This device has the ability to process a wide range of materials, thanks to which it will be used in many industrial sectors, both in processes related to marking and identification of products, among others. in the automotive, electronics, machinery, advertising and decorative sectors.

Thanks to small dimensions, the device is suitable for mobile work. The marker device use the most modern fiber optic technology with high durability, and advanced optics: ultrafast galvo scanner and F-theta lens to direct the beam. This technology ensures even more accurate and more efficient work compared to other machines of this type available on the market.

The Seron Fiber marking device is characterized by high speed and high quality of the laser beam, which, combined with precise components and an ergonomic construction, provides a universal and innovative device that will work in both small and larger enterprises. Thanks to the use of advanced precise optics, the marking is of excellent quality, and every detail is faithfully reproduced. In addition, the marking is permanent, resistant to abrasion and chemical agents

Basic features of Fiber marking machines

  • advanced innovative laser marking technology
  • precise, fast, plunge engraving and marking
  • dedicated to metals and their alloys, including rare, precious and coated
  • mobile marking head
  • ultra fast precise galvo scanner
  • the software is fully compatible with the following programs: Corel Draw, AutoCad and PhotoShop
  • laser air cooling system
  • high marking speed and high precision
  • intuitive device operation
  • marking on the fly
  • generating barcodes, assigning serial numbers
  • the possibility of using feeders that automate the operation of the device

Dedicated materials

  • metals
  • composites
  • plastics: polycarbonate, PVC, plexiglass, Teflon, polyamides, gambit, rubber, etc.
  • skin
  • epoxy

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