Passion for modern technologies, we are constantly strengthening our position in the CNC machines industry


Over 20 years of experience we transfer into the quality of our products. Thanks to this, we gain precise, high-performance CNC machines such as: multi-axis CNC machining centers, CNC milling plotters, CNC cutters, Fiber laser cutters, CNC plasma cutters.

These products are the result of combining many years of experience, passion, determination and development of our team. The machines are designed and manufactured in the heart of the Central Industrial District – Stalowa Wola. It is a region with a rich industrial heritage with engineering staff with experience in materials and processing.




The foundation of our company are people. Their experience, openness and creativity that make us achieve such fast technological progress.


Dział projektowy

All machines are designed and programmed by our specialists.

Dział R&D

All solutions are subjected of testing before being put into production.

Dział produkcji

Extensive technical facilities, allowing you to build machines from the beginning. Thanks to this, we are flexible and keep quality at the highest level.

Dział montażu

The assembly department consists of engineers with many years of experience. We use the highest quality components from proven suppliers.

Dział kontroli jakości

Each step on production is closed with a detailed quality audit. This ensures the highest precision
and reliability of the machines.


We have a well-stocked warehouse. Thanks to this, we have shortened the waiting time for machines to the maximum.


We have our own staff of highly qualified technicians and an extensive car fleet. As a result, the service response time is shortened to the maximum.

Dział handlowy

Team of experienced professionals who professionally advise solutions and look after our customers.

Seron machines are used in many industrial sectors


Our reliable devices are automating work of the metal, construction, electronics, furniture, advertising and many other industries.

These devices are perfect for a 24/7 work system. Each of them is configured to the individual needs of our customer. We are convinced that the CNC machines we offer, built on the basis of the concept Industry 4.0, are the future of many employers,  from Poland or from abroad, because they enable automation of production, reduction of its costs by shortening the processing time, repeatability and precision.

Our goal


he goal of our activities is to take care of long-term relations with our customers by providing: the highest quality, reliable, precise devices and the support of experienced programmers, technicians and service technicians. Acting as a recognized manufacturer of CNC machines, we set following goals


  • Innowacyjność stosowanych koncepcji
  • Kompleksowe podejście do klienta
  • Rzetelność w biznesie
  • We have our own research and development department, as well as cooperate with research institutions. Thanks to these activities, we create innovative devices on a global scale, adapted to the increasing requirements of our customers and international standards.

    We build our CNC machines from the begining, using selected components. Each stage of production is closed with a detailed quality audit, which ensures high precision and reliability of the products in our offer.


    Seron’s news

    Find out, what’s up with us.

    Construction report

    We present the construction report – as you can see, everything is going according to plan. A lot is happening here, the transport of our machines is intertwined with the transport of building materials. It’s really hot – not only outside. We are very excited about the new build, and this is just the beginning …

    Expansion of the Seron Company

    Construction has started! We would like to provide you with important information. The construction of a new production hall has just started right next to the previous hall. 6 years have passed since we moved to Stalowa Wola, 3 years have passed since the expansion of the production hall, and we need more space again. ...

    Summary of 2020

    We closed the year 2020 with 130 machine installations! Installations of CNC machines in Poland and abroad continued until the last days of December. Green colors appear more and more often in production and service plants. We have met many new, inspiring entrepreneurs for whom we have configured solutions that automate production. We also visited ...

    Trust on solid foundation

    Many years of experience, several medals and thousands of positive reviews from customers put Seron in a very good light as a business partner.