Construction of SERON machines

he structure was designed by experienced engineers in cooperation with academic expert research teams of the Rzeszów University of Technology and University of Science and Technology. The applied innovative solutions have been subjected to demanding tests confirming the correctness of their use before being implemented into serial production.

The machine of this line have high static properties, which combined with the low weight of the moving parts, guarantee higher work efficiency combined with excellent machining precision. This effect is influenced by many factors, ranging from the type and quality of the materials used, through the entire processing and careful assembly. Welded, ribbed structure made of high-quality steel is stress-relieved by temperature and vibration methods, and then subjected to precise machining from a single clamping on large-format machining centers.

Combination of these processes ensures lifelong dimensional stability, even with intensive work. The durability of the coating is increased by the shot-blasting process, which allows to prepare the elements for coating with the varnish coating by cleaning and unfolding it in advance.