5-axis Machining Center

Seron’s 5-axis machines are innovative machine tools designed and built in Poland. They are a perfect solution for the most creative entrepreneurs who value high production efficiency. They are used for precise execution of complex details from one clamping.

The “opinion on innovation” prepared by an independent research center makes it easier to obtain funding from EU funds.

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Endless possibilities

Let only your imagination limit you. Complete complex projects in a simple and effective way.

Ergonomic design

A solid structure that allows the processing of even large dimensions while maintaining repeatability and the highest precision of processing.

Functional controls

Industrial control system for the comprehensive management of the machine and its key components.

Przykłady zastosowania

Dane techniczne

Control system Multi-axis real-time interpolator, with active trajectory forecasting, LAN communication, EtherCat, 2ms sampling time, optional RTCP tool end tracking, correction map, remote service access
Working area 1500 – 3000 x 2100 – 12000 mm
Z axis range 500 – 1500 mm
Drive system Servopohony Omron s protokolom EtherCat,
kalené špirálové čepele X, Y, brúsené v triede presnosti 6,
guľová skrutka v osi Z v triede presnosti 5
Linear bearing Bosch Rexroth 35
Travel speed X, Y up to 45 m/min; C, A up to6000 degrees/min
Program resolution 0,0005 mm
Positioning accuracy 0,01 mm
Gate drive double-sided master / slave with gate angle correction
Electrospindles 8 kW up to 36 kW
Electrospindle inverter yes
Maximum revolutions of the electro-spindle 24 000 rpm (option 6000, 40 000 50 000)
Construction Steel welded, ribbed, stress relieved, precision machined
Table type vacuum, hybrid, steel, aluminum with M16 or M18 holes
Equipment options
  • cooling the tool
  • linear, turret tool magazine
  • rotary axis on the table
  • laser scanner
  • positioning bases
  • oscillating aggregate
  • 5-axis software
  • closed system for cooling the electro-spindle with liquid
  • automatic central lubrication


Big possibilities and high performance

The 5-axis machine generation is an innovative solution chosen most frequently by model companies, thermoforming, laminating and casting moulds, sculptures, carvings and all kinds of 3D electrodes. Working with tilt-rods gives us the ability to work in axes A and C, the machine can perform complex details several times faster than machine tools 3 or 4-axis, and can also execute projects that are impossible to do on simpler machines.

The 5-axis series is characterised by its precision, dynamics and speed of operation. The guarantee of non-conformity was obtained by the application of the highest class of components. The ergonomic construction consisting of a fixed table and a mobile gate will be very successful in processing complex and complex bricks of high precision, such as those used in the motor industry or aviation industry.


The structure is made of solid, ribbed and welded steel elements. High accuracy of the machine geometry is guaranteed by precise machining from one clamping, previously annealed structure. The weight of the machine can reach up to 30 tons, while the use of composites in its running elements guarantees high dynamics of work while maintaining high kinematic properties. Learn more about the construction»


Industrial, world-class CNC control integrated with the LAN network allows active monitoring of the operation of key components. The EtherCat protocol used enables bi-directional, ultrafast communication with a sampling time of less than 1 ms. The multi-axis real-time interpolator dynamically forecasts the trajectory of movements with the use of active end point control (RTCP) minimizes lagging error, translating into smooth and precise operation also in HPM and HSM modes. The integrated CAD / CAM environment allows you to easily edit projects directly on the control unit, which significantly improves the performance of minor program corrections. What’s more, it allows you to perform simultaneous machining, which will additionally ensure the operator that the execution files are properly prepared. The structure of the G-code enables the automation of the most frequently performed cycles and operations according to individual needs. Learn more about control »

Basic features of the 5-axis Machining Center

  • modern real-time control system
  • dynamic trajectory analysis
  • high-speed EtherCat communication protocol
  • highly precise, fast and trouble-free machines
  • top-class components ensuring efficient and accurate work
  • remote technical support

Dedicated materials

  • soft and non-ferrous metals: brass, copper, bronze, aluminum,
  • composites: dibond, alucobond, etc.
  • plastics: polycarbonate, PVC, plexiglass, teflon, polyamides, gambit, rubber, etc.
  • solid wood and wood-based boards: plywood, chipboards, MDF, OSB, etc.
  • paper, cardboard, foil, etc.
  • foams, extruded materials, etc.

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