SLX Laser Plotters

CO2 laser plotters are one of the most universal and versatile machines used in industry.

They are successfully used in almost every industry, from automotive, aviation, to advertising or paper.

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Intuitive operation

Functional and easy to use controls.

Speed and precision

Innovative mechanical and optical solutions guarantee instant realizations of the highest quality.

Technical data

Interface USB / Ethernet (option WiFi)
Available working areas (mm) 500×300, 950×600, 1300×900, 1600×1200, 1600×2000
Pass-through table yes, it enables the processing of materials longer than the working area of the Y axis
Compressor Yes
Extraction fan: Yes
CAM software: Yes, Polish / English version
Resonator cooling Yes, chiller
Work area lighting Yes
Air assist: Yes
Lens: silicon plus a coating of Selenium, Zinc Si + ZnSe, fi 20mm
Mirrors: silicon SI
Table type vacuum, lowered on ball screws, integrated knife table and honeycomb
Red point: yes, transmitted by mirrors
Autofocus Yes
Maximum item height up to 300 mm
Positioning accuracy 0,02
Laser resonator HV, RF
Power of the laser resonator 25W-200W
Working speed up to 1500 mm/s
Supply power 230V
Additional options: • rotary axis
• filter ventilation
• active Cam
• WiFi communication


Universal and versatile CO2 laser plotters

CO2 laser plotters are one of the most versatile machines that they are successfully used in many industries. Seron laser plotters are designed for cutting and engraving such materials as: plywood, plexiglass, leather, wood, paper, textiles, rubber, cork, engraving laminates, etc. CO2 laser plotters allow for precise processing, therefore they are perfect for engraving small elements, e.g. . stamps or nameplates. These devices have been equipped with an ergonomic casing with a reinforced structure, and their operation is very intuitive. The plotters have been designed from scratch by our engineers, are assembled in Poland and are constantly improved.

Latest design of the SLX series machines has been equipped with innovative mechanics, which use covered linear guides, wide drive belts and efficient gear ratios. A precise optical system was also used, thanks to which the laser beam is transmitted with much better efficiency than in commonly used solutions.

The advantage of the device is the “pass-through table”, which enables the processing of materials with a width of 950 mm, depending on the width of the model and any length.

Basic features of CO2 laser plotters from the SLX series

  • modern, transparent interface with visualization and LAN connectivity and optionally WiFi
  • functional software compatible with the most popular graphics programs
  • stable construction enabling high operating speeds up to 1500 mm/s
  • autofocus
  • smooth height adjustment of the working table also during work
  • vacuum table
  • ventilated honeycomb attachment integrated with the knife table
  • Hiwin precision covered guides and linear bearings in XY axes
  • Hypertension lens protection system
  • branded vital optics
  • software controlled Air Assist
  • light point (red point) enabling precise positioning of the head in relation to the material
  • attached cooktop extractor system with turbine
  • LED working area lightning

Dedicated materials

  • plastics: polycarbonate, PVC, plexiglass, rubber, teflon, polyamides, etc.
  • cardboard
  • solid wood, plywood, chiboards, MDF, OSB
  • textiles, leather
  • glass
  • stone
  • metals

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