Machining Center AdMaker

The high-class, multifunctional AdMaker Machining center allows for acceleration and Automation as well as Oprespective appreciation of production costs. Due to its versatility and efficiency, it is dedicated to the advertising industry, working with a wide range of materials.

The machine was awarded a gold medal in the competition The Prize for Innovation RemaDays Adenting and Printing Fair.

The modernity of the product, confirmed by the “Opinion about innovation” by an independent research center, makes it easier to obtain funding from EU funds.


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Package maker

This machine is perfect for medium and low-cost production of packaging, boxes and crates. These products can be quickly designed, personalized for a specific customer and made of various materials, e.g. cardboard, paper and wood-based materials. The oscillating knife allows you to make foam fillings, which are often used in exclusive packaging.

Cast maker

A professional machine designed for companies producing molds and dies made of aluminum, prolab, MDF. The rigid structure and the use of the highest class components ensure high performance and long-term trouble-free operation. The machine can be expanded with additional equipment and further increase its efficiency.


The function of Cutter allows you to peel soft materials from the shelves or from the rolls. The result is the quality of the sabre, ornaments, gadgets and reminders with graphics or logos. The ease with which projects can be prepared and replicated on AdMaker gives unlimited flexibility to adapt to the expectations of the Client.

3D letter maker

AdMaker gives almost unlimited possibilities of creating spatial forms such as letters, logos and graphic elements. Equipping the machine with an electrospindle and an oscillating knife enables work both in soft styrodur and in difficult-to-machine aluminum.

Pylon maker

The vacuum table and the appropriate power of the electrospindles guarantee the production of the highest quality advertising pylons from all materials used for this. The production of advertising coffers (also semaphore ones) is not a problem. The construction of the machine allows to achieve high accuracy, which is important for press-fitted elements, e.g. colored plexiglass into the dibond body.

Decor & ornament

This device enables the production of decorative and finishing products. In combination with CAD / CAM software, you can prepare projects for unit production as well as high-volume production as quickly. Thanks to this machine, you receive a tool to carry out non-standard orders such as decors, bas-reliefs, openwork partitions of rooms, etc.

Przykłady zastosowania

Technical data

Control system multi-axis real-time interpolator, with active trajectory forecasting, LAN communication, EtherCat, 2ms sampling time, optional RTCP tool end tracking, correction map, remote service access
Working area 1500 x 2000 mm
Z axis range 200 – 500 mm
Drive system X, Y helical slats hardened ground
Z axis ball screw
Linear bearing trapezoidal rails, Bosch Rexroth 25
Travel speed up to 80 m/min
Brushless electrospindle yes
Program resolution 0,0005 mm (0,0025 servo engines)
Positioning accuracy 0,01 mm
Double-sided gate drive tak
Electric spindle power 8 – 12 kW
Electrospindle inverter tak
Maximum revolutions of the electro-spindle 24000 rpm
Construction steel welded, ribbed, stress relieved, precision machined
Table type vacuum, hybrid
Equipment options
  • Tool cooling
  • scanner
  • Positioning bases
  • angular aggregate
  • Central lubrication system
  • chip extraction installation
  • active oscillating knife, roller knife, drag knife, marker pen,electric knife,
    pneumatic knife
  • positioning of the material by means of a camera, laser, measuring probe


Professional and multifunctional

AdMaker is a multi-tool machining center based on the conceptual design of the Expert series machines. It combines high efficiency and precision of processing a wide range of materials. The configuration of the machine was developed based on the needs of the advertising industry. Dedicated to companies that focus on automation and minimization of production costs.

Top-class tools, such as the multi-tool oscillating knife module in a duet with a professional electrospindle, which the AdMaker is equipped with, allow for highly efficient processing of a wide range of materials, leaving clean and smooth edges. It will be perfect wherever advertising elements, packaging, gaskets, casting molds or for cutting textiles in the sewing or upholstery industry are produced. The positioning camera and the ability to quickly and easily clamp the material on the vacuum table facilitate precise processing of small formats.


High precision with efficient and dynamic machining is possible thanks to the welded, steel and ribbed structure. Long-term stability and dimensional precision are guaranteed by a two-stage annealing process and machining from one clamping on large-format machining centers.
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Industrial, professional CNC control integrated with the LAN network allows for active communication with key components. The EtherCat protocol used enables ultra-fast, two-way communication with a sampling time of less than 1 ms. The multi-axis real-time interpolator actively forecasts the trajectory of movements also in HPM and HSM modes minimizes lagging error resulting in dynamic, smooth and precise operation. Integrated CAD / CAM environment allowing for easy editing of designs directly on the control unit increases flexibility in operation. The structure of the G-code allows you to automate the cycles and operations performed according to individual needs.
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Processes all materials used in the production of advertising, packaging, gadgets, etc. The oscillating knife in combination with the electric spindle easily cuts various types of materials, leaving clean and smooth edges. Air powered tool, especially well suited for cutting hard, dense materials, but can also handle The vacuum table allows to process small formats. Thanks to the creasing head or the camera that determines the position of the material on the table, we obtain a multifunctional device that gives huge automatic processing possibilities.


Basic features of the AdMaker Machining Center

  • modern real-time control system
  • dynamic trajectory analysis
  • high-speed EtherCat communication protocol
  • rigid structure combined with top-class components
  • remote technical support
  • multifunctionality thanks to the combination of different processing methods

Dedicated materials

  • plastics: polycarbonate, PVC, plexiglass, rubber, teflon, polyamides, etc.
  • cardboards
  • leather and textiles
  • gambit
  • soft and non-ferrous metals: brass, copper, bronze, aluminum,
  • composites (dibond, alucobond, etc.)
  • solid wood, plywood, chipboards, MDF, OSB,
  • foams, extruded materials, etc.

Equipment options

  • tool cooling
  • scanner
  • positioning databases
  • angular aggregate
  • central lubrication system
  • chip extraction installation

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