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Interview with Wanas

Investing in the company’s development is the key to strengthening company’s postion on the market and increasing its competitiveness. New technologies implemented in production processes contribute to the improvement of the product quality, guarantee their repeatability and allow to optimize the production costs. The company Wanas, which produces ventilation systems, conducts investments conducive to the company’s development on many levels. One of them is the expansion of the machine park. Mr. Marek Waszkiewicz, the owner of the Wanas company, introduces some of the recent implementations.

In 2020, the Wanas company completed the construction of the new headquarters of the company, but its beginnings were much earlier. Since the company is on the market and what is the scope of your activity?
Wanas company started its activity in 2007. At the beginning, they were services from the sanitary and heating industry, and from 2013, the production of air vantilation units. Our products are delivered to the Polish market and foreign markets, including Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary.

You have decided to equip your machinery with Seron machines. What influenced your decision to go in this direction?
Along with the dynamic development of the company, we constantly automate the production process to make it faster and more efficient. We do it by purchasing better, more efficient machines and digitizing production processes and customer service.
We bought a 1530 Expert milling plotter, which we use to cut various types of seals, it ensures efficient and repeatable work. The device allowed us to reduce the cost of cutting. Previously, two people were delegated for this purpose, now one does it and now processes twice the amount of material. In addition, all dimensions are saved in the programs and there is no risk of making mistakes.

Milling plotter is not the only Seron device in your production plant. You have decided to purchase a Fiber Cutter.
Yes. We needed an efficient device that would ensure optimal cutting quality. The previous machine worked for us in 3 shifts, the Seron laser does the same job during one shift. Without the laser cutter, we would not be able to increase our production capacity. With this device, we increased our production capacity by over 250% compared to 2020.

How did you find Seron? Why did you decide to choose machines of this brand?
My brother used to work at Seron :). So from him, I knew the company made nice machines. The devices had a good price-quality ratio. In addition, it was important for me that I buy them from a Polish manufacturer, and not from a distributor, due to the subsequent service or technical advice. The purchase of a machine from a Polish manufacturer that is developing and has existed for a long time on the market gives you a sense of security that if the machine breaks down or needs to be repaired, there will be someone to talk to later. The machines looked very solid, which was later confirmed in operation. Of course, the distance of our company from Seron is only 70 km and this also influenced the decision to buy.

How do you rate the use of machines and cooperation with Seron?
We are very pleased, the machines work failure-free, they are cheap to use, and the service is delivered quickly. It happened more than once that after sending the service request the next day after 7:00am, there was already a service. Seron’s after-sales service is exemplary. There is no problem when it comes to telephone contact, you can always call and get help.

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