Plotters and laser cutters

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Our company’s offer includes precise CO2 laser plotters. These are versatile machines developed and assembled by Polish engineers. They can be successfully used in many different industries, and each plotter can also work as a laser engraver.
Application: The CO2 laser plotter can be used for cutting and engraving various materials such as: plastics, rubber, leather, wood, plywood, cork, paper, textiles, and all kinds of engraving laminates. With these devices you can also engrave glass, granite, marble, as well as mark coated or pure metals using special engraving pastes. The CO2 laser plotters we offer are perfect even for engraving small precision elements such as stamps, which proves their high precision.

Main features: Controlling the CO2 laser plotter is extremely simple, comparable to working with an office printer. The included software also includes many advanced functions, such as engraving with a cone (useful in engraving stamp matrices), photo engraving, nesting, etc. Each device has an intuitive interface, selected laser resonators, durable optics, solid construction, dynamic drives, precise bearings, which results in precise, reliable operation of the device.

Professional, fast, precise FIBER laser markers are, apart from leading products such as CNC milling machines, laser plotters, and CNC plasma cutters, in the offer of the SERON company. The assortment includes both laser marking devices with the latest generation Fiber laser source with an ultra-fast galvo scanner, as well as mechanical (micro-impact) markers. Both the dot peen and laser technology enable plunge marking of metals. These are technologically advanced machines, adapted to marking and engraving of various materials, applying logos, serial numbers or barcodes. Each available CNC engraving machine can be used in the following industries: industrial, food, advertising, electronic, automotive, decorative, etc., combining the latest generation fiber optic technology with advanced optics. Both the micropoint and laser marking machine enable marking and engraving of alphanumeric characters, barcodes and graphics.