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Interview with Oakywood

In the picturesque town of Ciche near the Tatras mountain is a family business whose products are appreciated by customers from all over the world. The passion for modern technologies and the passion for carpentry is a perfect combination, the result of which are technological accessories in a wooden, but modern version. How did Oakywood products become world famous? And how does Seron relate to it? Mateusz Haberny – the founder – agreed to present the history of his company’s development.

How was Oakywood founded?

Mateusz and his younger brother were involved in woodworking from the childhood – thanks to their father, who ran his own carpentry workshop next to the house. It was here that the brothers, under the watchful eye of their master, learned various ways to shape ordinary pieces of wood.

I always known that I want to run my own business – says Mateusz Haberny. It turned out that the business idea is right under the nose. So later, combine tradition with technical innovations, the idea was to create technological accessories of excellent quality – ecological and modern.

What exactly do you do?
We design and create unique wood products. First of all, accessories that complement technology and work at the desk. We create out of love for wood and nature, using materials from responsible sources. We want everyone to be surrounded by durable and functional products.

How long has Oakywood exist?
We date our beginnings to 2017. Our first product was an iPhone docking station. I put it on the platform for handmade products. The effects exceeded my expectations, because the product quickly became a bestseller. It was a clear signal that motivated us to introduce new products. Currently, they include ergonomic desks, wireless phone chargers, laptop docking stations, phone cases, desk pads and mats, flower pots and headphone stands.

Your attention to detail and an above-average sense of aesthetics are appreciated by customers all over the world. Who are these accessories dedicated to?
A great potential in providing designer accessories dedicated to Apple brand products. In the United States, the manufacturer nearly 50 percent of the smartphone market. This is where most of the orders come from the USA.

One of the breakthroughs in our activity was the creation of a wooden wireless charger. It was noticed by several technological websites, thanks to which a lot of people heard about us. We feel honored that our clients include Facebook, Pinterest, Twilio and CD Project RED.

What challenges does your company have to face?
The biggest challenge is with the growing number of orders, because as in any company, our production capacity is limited at some point. We pay 100% attention to every item that comes out of our hands to be sure that the quality is perfect in every detail.

Another challenge are constant technology update. In order to meet market demands, we must follow the current trends. Hundreds of new technological solutions appear every year, from which the most promising ones must be selected. Although it is difficult, it also keeps the company growing.

It seems that the mentioned challenges are a pleasure for a modern technology lover who can earn money on his passion. As you can guess, it was probably the market’s needs that prompted you to buy a CNC machine
The growing demand for our products forced us to look for automation and repeatability of the production of elements.

How did you meet Seron and why did you choose our brand.

We first met Seron when we had the opportunity to buy a used machine.
After reading many positive opinions and comments about the company, we decided to buy that machine. We worked well on it, so when there was a need to buy another one, we decided that this time we would invest in a new one. So we went to the company to see how the production process of CNC machines works. After viewing the machines at the company and configuring our own machine, we finally decided to buy the first, and after another year, the second CNC machine.

How was the selection process for the equipment?
The final configuration of the machine were preceded by 3 visits in the Seron. The process of selecting the equipment was determined in close cooperation with the company’s designers and technicians. Working on a 3-axis plotter, we already knew what we expect from new machines.

How did the purchase of machines affect your projects?
The purchase of machines definitely influenced the speed of implementation and improved the production process of elements. Machines work in solid wood, they are used in the production of small elements, where high precision and accuracy counted in hundredths of a millimeter counts.

How do you rate the use of machines and cooperation with Seron?

The machines are intuitive to use, and after a few hours of instruction, you can easily use them yourself. The machines do not have a problem. The cooperation with Seron is going well and we hope to continue it.

We invite you to take a look at the client’s website: https://oakywood.pl/ and Facebook profile Oakywood

Oakywood was adviced by
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