CNC control of plasma cutters

Industrial, professional control on which we have based the plasma cutters allows for efficient and stable operation. A number of built-in functions automate the preparation process.

Useful control function is the ability to perform a simple manual cutting with active automatic parameter control. This allows for express preparation of simple elements that do not require a precise dimension without the need to generate a program.

One of the systems that streamline the implementation of projects is the identification of the location of the sheet metal. This allows for the correction of the angle of the material before starting the cutting process, which minimizes the possible risk of the project moving relative to the form and creating costly waste. This operation is facilitated by the laser torch position indicator. The dynamic material detection system allows you to set the speed and height parameters of probing the material. The measurement is based on the resistance principle, which enables efficient cutting of even thin sheets of metal. The resistance measurement system is protected so that in the case of corroded materials and the lack of good conduction, the second method of probing with the use of a limit switch will work.

The control has a built-in function of defining burn locations, so you can move them so that they do not appear in the cut path, causing point unevenness. As a result, the material edge does not require time-consuming sanding. An important improvement is also the function of resuming operation from the last position of the burner, which is useful in the event of a power failure. What’s more, the extensive torch height control system actively corrects the working position, so that the cut material does not have to have a flat surface.

The machine is equipped with a magnetic anti-collision system that will stop the machine from operating when the torch is breached from any side. This eliminates the risk of its damage and machine downtime.

Functional and intuitive control of the plasma plotter