CNC control of machining centers

Industrial, professional CNC control, which has been used in our machining centers and it is characterized by excellent computing power (interpolator cycle time 2 ms).

The multi-tasking operating system is based on a real-time clock that prioritises controlling machine movements. The interpolator with the VFF management function – Velocity Feed Forward predicting the trajectory of movements accelerates the control response during machining, minimizing the lag error. This ensures smooth and stable operation even with complex shapes and dynamic changes in the direction of movement, and guarantees precise reproduction of even complex models. The solution works well both in HPM (High Performance Machining) and HSM (High Speed Machining) cycles.

Reliable communication with key components of the machine, such as servomotors, electro-spindles or valve terminals, is ensured by the bi-directional and ultra-fast EtherCat protocol. The controller is equipped with a built-in PLC with an extensive library of individually configurable functions, so that all machine operations can be run from the generated G code. Integration with the internal LAN network allows for immediate transfer of executive files to a network drive or directly to the control unit. The system ensures full compatibility with the external and internal CAD / CAM environment, which enables the correction of files as well as the execution of simple projects directly at the machine. Optional features such as RTCP (Tool End Control) and Offset Map enhance machine precision.

The integrated control system allows you to manage the machine park in the Industry 4.0 concept. Remote operator and service access enables the correction of machine parameters, component diagnostics or technical support anywhere in the world. Although the control has advanced functions, its operation remains simple and intuitive.

Functional and intuitive industrial control system for a CNC machines